Saturday, September 30, 2006

Philippians 3:7-14

"There are so many things this side of heaven that I found my identity and value in. I believed in them all, but now I see them for what they are in comparison to Christ. More than just seeing them, I’ve actually lost most of them and, internally, I rescind all of them when understanding the ultimate value is knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. It’s okay that I’ve lost them, compared to gaining Christ and being found in Him (in life and death) everything else is like manure–not even close. Now, I’m not talking about having a relationship with Him derived from some religious idea. But being assigned with the righteousness of Christ through faith. The basis of this righteousness is a gift from God as is the faith through which it comes. What I value now is that I may know Him and the power of His resurrected life and that I may experience the totality of life, the one He suffered for me to have, and, that, in so doing, I’ll be molded by His death to self and obedience to God. The results of knowing Christ is the reality that I fully anticipate experiencing a physical resurrection.
I’m not saying I’m perfect, but I am moving forward in being everything Christ saved me to be. You know me better than to even think that I’m saying I’ve arrived, but you know, too, there is one thing that drives me: I don’t live in the past and I won’t let the past limit me, like a runner stretching for the finish line tape, I’m reaching forward for everything Christ has for me. I will press on toward the goal. I want the trophy, the prize when God calls me home. Jesus is the prize, the trophy. The call is in Christ. True life begins in Him and ends in Him. Let’s keep on living in and enjoying Him." (Philippians 3:7-14, Andrews Translation)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Who Would've Thought It?

Who Would've Thought It?

Hi, my name is Chuck Andrews. I’m 49 years old, married, and live in Norman, OK. The picture is Estela, me, and our 4 grandchildren. After 26 years of pastoral ministry, I find myself at an unfamiliar crossroads. Due to my health I am unable to continue in a pastoral role. A heart attack in November 2002 has left me with massive heart damage. Our church, Grace Fellowship, has graciously and faithfully supported us for the past 4 years. They have stood with us through rehab and research and if it weren’t for failing health I would have no desire to do anything but pastor them. As God has redirected my life I have sought a way to provide a living for Estela and me. Maybe you can help me and save some money at the same time. If interested, you may even join with me in this remarkable company. Please, forward this blog to everyone you can. Thank you so much for your consideration and help.

I represent a viral marketing company named Escape International. Our company puts people in their own business and allows them to use the Internet and good 'ol word of mouth advertising to virally market products in trend setting industries. The present industries are communications, including VoIP, and health/wellness, which are two large and growing sectors of our economy.

So, basically what we do is allow people to buy products and services through the Internet that they are already purchasing but for LESS MONEY than they are currently paying. We market to save people money on phone services (residential & business), cell phones (residential & business), broadband internet (residential & business), and satellite TV. We also help people gain health, loose weight and feel better. Our household in Norman is saving around $100 per month just by going through Escape to get our services. That’s $1200 a year!

As a consumer I encourage you to take the time to investigate and you do the math. Going through our Products and Services site using my rep# (424638) and click-&-pick technology see what the savings are for you. Actually, you become a customer of the service provider but because you went through Escape you are assured that you are getting it for the best possible price.

To help you learn more about this FREE opportunity, we hold 23 live broadcasts per week (4 on Monday-Friday, 2 on Saturday, and 1 on Sunday). You can simply login to one of those broadcasts and find out exactly how this business works and exactly how you can profit from it. Each broadcast is about an hour in length. I would encourage you to do your due diligence and see if building an Escape International business would help you accomplish your future and financial goals.

Don’t miss the opportunity to watch one of our 23 live online broadcasts per week.
---Go to Check out the schedule for the times.
(We use a free application of Adobe Flash Player for the presentation. Be sure you have the latest version so you can effectively watch the presentation.)
---Click on LOGIN. You will be taken to a login page.
---Type in "Your First Name"-1-OK then click on Enter Meeting Room (password and room# are preset).
You may be asked to open and run a program and install a Conference Client. It’s a very small program and very safe.
---Wait, Watch, and Listen. The presenter will do a sound check and he/she will advance the slides.
At the end of the presentation there is a Q & A with the live presenter.

As our President and CEO, David Rutz, says, “The RAT RACE has the American people trapped.” Here is your chance to escape. With a FREE proven training system and unmatchable compensation plan this is an awesome opportunity to get in on a viral marketing network and provide fast cash flow and a lasting residual income. I have no doubt that we can help you reach your goal, whether it is money, security, independence, more family time, or all of the above.

Five things that will immediately show you that Escape is different:
1. Everyone joins for FREE.
2. All our training is FREE. (3 live broadcasts per week & hours of downloadable MP3 files).
3. No Breakaways.
4. No Annual Fees.
5. No Inventory.

I seriously encourage you to check out our website. If nothing else we can save you money every month on things you already spend money on.

Feel free to contact me.

Have a great day,

Chuck Andrews
Rep# 424638
Independent Representative with Escape International