Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year's 2007

The expression is Happy New Year’s. It is our verbal blessing that we give to one another wishing each other a coming year of happiness.

Estela and I went to see The Pursuit of Happyness on Saturday afternoon. As the movie points out, happiness is a pursuit—maybe that’s why Mr. Jefferson wrote it that way in the Constitution because happiness is something to be pursued and not attained but for brief moments. Those moments, ever how brief, give us not only the reward for the pursuit but a taste of a delicacy that creates a hunger that encourages us to continue the pursuit.

Happiness is our blessing to one another at the beginning of a New Year. It is our encouragement to one another to pursue. It is our desire for one another to experience the reward of that pursuit, ever how brief it may be. It is our exhortation to one another to hunger for that happiness and continue the pursuit no matter how hard the pursuit may be. It is our hope that if we continue this pursuit we will be rewarded with that brief encounter with happiness and that it will be worth it all when we do attain that happiness, ever how brief it may be.

The difference that Christ makes in our lives is that we don’t have to live in unhappiness in between those brief encounters of happiness. In Christ, hope is the state of our being. Joy is our choice between the earthly rewards of happiness. So, . . .

Happy New Year’s and may it be filled with joy.

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